Artwork in oil paint by Majeed


2010 -2020
Oil on canvas
Good condition.
57cm (w) x 4,5cm (h) x 77cm (h)
€ 780,- | $ 827,-
By the curator:

Majeed Saeeyan (1962) is a painter. He was born in Torbat, a town in the North-East of Iran. From an early age, Majeed often visited the Blue Mountains and went there in search of beautiful stones. Surrounded by the beautiful nature, he learned to imagine himself in traditions, but also in the painting profession in a traditional way. After traveling through Pakistan and India, Majeed ends up in the Netherlands. Here he further qualified in painting. His works are almost always recognizable by the bright colors and the traditional painting style that he has mastered by combining Western traditional and more modern techniques. Majeed: “When you paint people, you can touch the feelings of these people. If that happens then you have made a good work of art”. Inspired by his travels through Pakistan and India, Majeed shows that he can capture people in the emotion they radiate. Sometimes that is joyful, sometimes tragic or just happy or wistful. It shows Majeed’s commitment to the world, nature and people. Current themes also receive attention in his latest works, simply because Majeed is deeply involved in social themes. He is truly committed to nature and fellow man. He also shows his involvement with people and society by, for example, teaching painting, but also other decorative disciplines such as designing and making bags, but also upholstering furniture. And he also tries to bring out the best in people who, for example, have a disadvantage in the labor market for all kinds of reasons, but also, for example, to work with people with a disability. The great thing about this is that they are often very close to their own feelings and experience far fewer obstacles or boundaries and can work purely from their feelings. Something every artist and art lover finds interesting. Majeed paints in a surrealistic style in which colors and masks are painted mysteriously and mystically on the canvas. So is also this canvas.

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