Sjoberg wooden workbench

Good condition consistent with age and use
138,5cm (w) x 78cm (d) x 82,5cm (h)
Sold, ML0823

Sjöbergs carpentry workshop was founded in 1922 by Axel Sjöberg. Axel was born in 1897 and began his professional career as an apprentice carpenter with master carpenter August in Björneberg. Part of the second floor in the family home was turned into a carpentry workshop and Axel began making furniture. Wooden bodywork parts for car manufacturer Ford was one of their specialist products. Axel Sjöberg began making woodworking benches in 1932, mainly for industry and handicrafts.

In 1947, Axel’s children took over the business and the company name was changed to AB Bröderna Sjöberg. They built a new factory and rationalized production. The factory produced kitchen furniture, church furniture, stairs and of course woodworking benches. In the 50s, schools began asking for benches for woodwork classes. Sales increased significantly. In 1959, younger brother Bo-E went to the USA. He took with him a miniature BS 122 woodworking bench. The bench was presented to interested companies, who showed so much interest that a ‘proper’ woodworking bench was shipped to the USA. Along with other Swedish exhibitors, Sjöbergs presented its woodworking bench at a design exhibition in Sacramento.

The bench was awarded a gold medal for good design! This was the beginning of the company’s export sales to the USA. Sales of woodworking benches increased during the 60s, and Bröderna Sjöbergs moved into larger premises. For a few years, woodworking bench production approached 30,000 per year. In 1968, following lengthy negotiations, Sjöbergs received a major order for 1850 benches for schools in Ethiopia, in a project together with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

In the middle of the 1970s, Axel’s grandson Johan took over the company together with his youngest uncle, Bo E Sjöberg. The product range was expanded with a number of new products such as gymnasium wall bars, playground equipment, outdoor furniture and stairs etc. They invested in new factory space in the 1980s, and the product range was expanded with more new products such as various furniture components, timber billets, furniture and much more. For a number of years, Sjöbergs was owned by various investment companies, but in 2006 it once again became a family company run by Jan Möllefors and Chairman of the Board Johan Sjöberg, both with links to founder Axel Sjöberg. A decision was taken to streamline the operation. This 100 year history is visible in the workbenches Sjoberg made. Once you had a Sjoberg you will never have another.

This workbench is in good condition and ready for a new working lifetime.

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