John Nieland painting 100cmx100cm


John Nieland
100cm (w) x 2cm (d) x 100cm (h)
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Beautiful colorful painting by John Nieland, made in 2000, 4 years after the foundation of the Lamütta company and clearly inspired by his own work but also the other painters in the group. The work is in very good condition.

John Nieland (1966) was born in Baflo in the Netherlands. At a young age, he appeared to possess creative talent. Nieland briefly attended the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. However, working according to academic methods hindered his free style, after which he decided to follow his own path.

His work has its own style with a strong tendency towards the abstract, expressive, uninhibited and surreal, inspired by art from the time of CoBrA. His work is often colorful with thick layers of paint in which he captures emotions from the past. Due to the enormous layering, the work is a lot more complex than one might think at first glance and often several paintings are hidden under the surface. Every creation contains a piece of history, a story, an emotion, a secret, powerful and innovative. Artistic expression is a necessity for Nieland.

In 1996 Nieland founded the Artists’ Group Lamütta in Amsterdam. The group consisted of visual artists, composers, filmmakers, fashion designers and designers, including Herman Brood, Karel N.L. Grazell and Edwin Donders.
His first exhibition was in café de Duvel in Amsterdam in 1996. Since then Nieland has regularly exhibited both nationally and internationally, including in Japan, Ibiza, Spain, Antwerp, Amsterdam, The Hague, Hilversum and Naarden Vesting.

For a long time Nieland worked in the music industry as an A&R manager for a number of major record companies. As a producer, he has also worked on several music and video productions. In addition to his love for music, painting has always remained his greatest passion.

In 2018 Nieland visited Japan at the invitation of the Japanese government as part of an art exchange project in collaboration with the Dutch embassy. Depending on the developments surrounding Corona, Nieland hopes to continue his Japanese adventure in 2022.

John: “Art arises in my head. My creativity is a reflection of my experiences and thoughts. Everything I make has to do with the experience of the moment. You often see my dreams come back in the work or I capture a certain emotion that I experience at that moment in the work.”
The CoBrA movement has always inspired me, I work according to the same principle as the artists of this group. Paintings and drawings develop as if in a daze, in my subconscious. Paint is the tool I use to create. My creations convey a personal message.
The figures and the use of colors in my work can awaken a sleepy fantasy. I would like to make people dream again.

My artistic expressions cannot be pigeonholed. I have not strived for perfection all my life and my creations are far from perfect and will never be perfect. I’m happy when my creation screams and starts speaking its own language. That’s when I can let it go.”

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