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Shipping conditions


We offer shipping quotes depending on destination, weight and dimensions per item. These quotes are services to our customers as mentioned in our general terms and condition.

Product price

The product price mentioned on our website per item is based on collecting of the item by the buyer at our storage address: Noorddammerweg 83 unit 24, 1187ZS Amstelveen, The Netherlands.



Most European countries can be delivered with road transport. Otherwise we will mention this. We prefer to ship the items with furniture movement specialist because of lower damage risk. Delivery will always be ground floor, front door, well packed, 1 driver delivered.


When BarbMama Design offers an item including delivery to the customer, then the distribution is a service to have the item delivered in your country based on the international used inco terms.

DAP: Delivery At Place

We do order the shipper in your name to deliver the item on the address you shared with us. The item will be packed and delivered to your front door, ground floor, exclusive eventual local duties and taxes. If there are any, the local customs will handle this with you directly.

CFR: Costs and Freight

Mainly offered in case of container shipping to the nearest harbor in your country. Delivery at the port in your name. Terminal handling, customs, duties, taxes and transport from the harbor to your address are not included. You will be guided by transporter and customs to handle those yourself at arrival of the container.

Parcel service

Only if parcel service is possible (100x50x50cm, max 20kg), we will advise to do shipping via parcel services if we think the item is fit to send by parcel service without damage.
Deliveries via mail and parcel services will be provided as much as possible with track and trace codes which will be communicated with the client, if that is not possible it will be sent by registered mail.


Customer is obliged to conclude a transport loss and damage insurance or bear the risk of transportation lost and damage himself.
BarbMama Design will, in the event of damage or loss during transport, hand over all its available data on the carrier to the customer so that he can directly process his request with the carrier.
Customer has the ability to inspect the objects at the above address before any delivery.
BarbMama Design takes pictures of objects to be send in the state before packaging and hands over these pictures if desired in case of loss or damage.
Shipping is a administrative service of BarbMama Design we do order in your name. We bear no responsibility other than proper exchange of delivery data. BarbMama Design accepts no liability for a delivery service.
We are proud to announce that we deliver 99% of our yearly deliveries without damage.