70s Pietro Costantini high back dining chair for Ello set/8

Pietro Costantini
Leather, wood
Good condition consistent with age and use.
47cm (w) x 45cm (d) x 106cm (h), seath 43
Sold, ML0621
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In 1922 Pietro Costantini founded the Costantini Pietro company. In the Eighties, the company began industrial production of living room furniture, chairs and tables, subsequently expanding into the international market with sofas, armchairs, bookcases and storage furniture. Very successful these days, and the market recognised and appreciated the creative design, precise detailing and excellent quality materials used by this company, a true icon of high-end Made in Italy quality.

Design and production take place exclusively in San Vito al Torre (Udine) where there is a thriving culture of experimentation and a constant quest for exciting new design styles, like matching the most unusual material combinations. The warm feel of a rich choice of both Italian and exotic solid wood species, always a key feature of Costantini furniture, takes on a new identity, combined with fabrics, finest quality leathers and metals.

The Pietro Constantini company aimed not only on production by their own, but also on design produced by the Ello Furniture Mfg Co. A USA company that was founded in 1956 where founder Lothar Molton moved from Europe to the USA to walk away for the german governement during the 1940s. He kept in touch with European designers like Pietro Constantini and expanded the delivery area for Constantini in the USA. Known for their cabinets and annual warehouse sales, Ello Furniture remained popular and only just closed in 2010

These 1980 high back wooden dining chairs are a fine example of the ‘new design’ philosophy among the 80s. Luxury and timeless design, with wooden backrest and leather seat. The design is from the Constantini company and the chairs have been produced by the company Ello. Set of 8 pieces in good condition consistent with age and use.

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